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Auction of fine home furnishings from a Quechee VT mountain top home

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WHEN: Saturday, February 15 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
(PREVIEW: Extended hours, Weds 12th through Fri 14th from 12-5pm and 8:30 morning of sale)

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Pair of sterling silver weighted candelabras, 12”H (17-2)
Large rose medallion platter, 16”L (5-405)
Five section oak stack bookcase by The Globe-Wernicke Co., 34”W x 76”H (133-40)
Small collection of medals and badges 12 total (81-4)
Three colored glass oil lamps, 10”H. - 18”H. (5-408)
Pottery Barn server with drawers and doors, 48"W. x 18"D. x 34"H. (673-1)
International sterling silver serving bowl, 10” dia., approx. 19 t.oz (5-411)
Figural porcelain group of dancers, on wooden base, 21”H, signed illegible, 122/3500 (66-1)
Diamond ring set in 14K gold (81-6)
Watercolor of a Vermont winter scene, signed Werger, 14” x 21” sight (133-3)
Bronze owl on wood base, 13" overall height (105-2)
King size bed with tempurpedic mattress and bedding (673-3)
14k gold heart shaped pin, 5.3 grams (81-10)
Chinese lacquer and painted cabinet, with doors and drawers and center gallery, 36”H x 68”H x 19”D (17-1)
Lot of clear cut glass table wares, including compote, bowl etc., 6 pieces (5-404)
Lot of weighted sterling tablewares, including compotes, candlesticks, etc., 6 pieces (5-410)
Three section oak stacking bookcase with lower drawer, 34.5”W x 49”H x 14”D (as is, cracked glass) (133-41)
G. Armani figural group boy with girl, 14"H. (66-2)
Contemporary New England landscape, oil on canvas, 20.5" x 45" (28-5)
Art Deco table lamp w/leaded glass shade, B & H, 22"H. (48-376)
Small group of antique jewelry, 10 and some 14k (81-11)
Three piece dore bronze desk or ink set stag motif, 17"L main piece (105-3)
MesoAmerican stone effigy fragments, 6 pieces (5-407)
Watercolor, Vermont red barn in winter, signed Stroppel, 9” x 13” (133-4)
G. Armani sculpture of a fashion girl, 17"H. (66-3)
Modern mirror with carved wooden frame, 28" x 24" (673-2)
Art Deco table lamp, brass w/leaded glass shade, 21"H. (48-377)
Lot of sterling table wares, including porringer, salts, covered bottle, and baby cup, 10 pieces, approx 12 t.oz (5-412)
New England pastel titled "Hillside Cows", 17" x 36" (28-4)
14k gold charm bracelet set with 2 gold coins, 24 grams (105-10)
Art Nouveau table lamp brass base with slag panel shade, base signed Wm Jackson Co. NY, 23"H x 14"d shade (105-6)
Custom cherry two drawer server with breadboard end top, 60”L x 33”H x 18”D (133-7)
G. Armani sculpture of a fashion girl, 18"H. (66-4)
King size bed with temperpedic mattress and bedding (673-4)
Lot of colored glass including tumblers, cake stand, leaf platters, etc., 28 pieces (5-406)
Watercolor, New England farm scene with flowers, 14" x 22" (28-6)
14k gold charm bracelet with 14k gold charms, 27 grams (105-11)
Antique oak four drawer file cabinet, by Yawman and Erbe Mfg. Co., Rochester NY, 17.5”W x 53”H x 28.5”D (133-8)
Pair of silver candlesticks, hallmarks, 10"H. (882-44)
Victorian iron king size bed with tempurpedic mattress and bedding (673-5)
Four sterling silver cigarette cases, 2” - 4.5”, approx. 10.5 t.oz (5-413)
Eight gold rings with stones, 3 are in 14k, weigh 6.3 grams, and 5 set in 10K weighing 17.4 grams (81-13)
Decorative circular designer mirror, by Keith Fritz, signature on reverse, Dia. 40"(28-3)
Grouping of sterling silver pcs, including gravy boat, serving spoons, Ann Bateman sugar tongs, 4 salts, 21 pcs., approx. 32.5 (101-3)
Two pieces of German salt glazed pouring pitchers, 12"H. (105-5)
Lot of clear patterned glass, including butter dish, pitcher, plates, etc., 23 pieces (5-409)
18th C. blanket box in old red paint, on a cut out base, 49”L x 26”H x 19”D (133-10)
Japanese laquerware tea caddy along with a stenciled travelling mirror, 2 pcs. (101-6)
Tommy Bahama dresser with arrangement of drawers with secret compartment, 62"W. x 42"H. x 19"D. (673-6)
Six rings, 2- 14k with small diamonds, blood stone in 14k, platinum with pearls and 2 others (81-14)
Antique carved oak and inlaid stretcher base side table, 30"H. x 37"L. (105-7)
Five carved wooden decoys ranging 16" - to 20" in length two signed Connover and one by Bob Carney (35-8)
Custom tiger maple two drawer side table with back splash, in clean condition, on tapered leg ending in spade foot, 35”L x 39”H x 19”D (133-12)
Large Chinese scalloped edge platter, 15”L, Rose Medallion Chinese tea pot with under tray, 5”H, along with eight Rose Medallion salts (101-9)
Pair of 14k gold earrings and bar pin, with a small ring (81-15)
Pair of Kincaid two drawer bed side stands, 28”W x 28”H x 17”D (673-7)
English carved oak small size 2 door server, 34"H. x 44"L. (105-8)
Bronze desk or wall lamp signed Bryant, 13”H (441-197)
Country oil on board, landscape, along with a young girl portrait painting, 9" x 13" & 9.5" x 7.5" (35-6)
Custom cherry farm table with breadboard end top on a sturdy block leg, 72”L x 42”W x 30”H (133-13)
Elgin 14 K lady's watch with an 800 silver watch and locket (81-16)
Arts and Crafts glazed pottery table lamp, 12"H. (105-9)
Country oil on canvas, landscape with sheep, 35" x 23.5" (673-8)
Collection of silver spoons, approx. 5.5 T.oz 8 pcs. (44)
Mid 19th C. English walnut book shelf and what-not stand, with lower drawer and top brass gallery 35”H x 16”D x 25”W (217-305)
Victorian gold jewelry inc. necklaces, pin, gold teeth (81-17)
19th C. spool turned mahogany canterbury, 18”W x 16”H (133-14)
Set of eleven sterling silver spoons, approx. 10 T.oz (81-32)
Impressive carved king’s chair with caned seat and back, with lion and armorial carvings, 69”H. (105-12)
Modern upholstered double sleeper sofa with Tempurpedic mattress, 69”L (673-9)
Victorian gold stick pins (81-18)
Mission style prairie lamp with slag glass panel shade, 33”H (133-15)
19th C. naval battle scene print, “The Bombardment and Capture of St. Jean D’Arc” 16” x 25” (217-313)
Oak barley twist gate leg table with drop leaves on stretcher base, swing leg support, 36”L x 50”L with leaves extended, 29”H (217-306)
Large set of Moser/Viennese green and gilded glass stemware, including goblets, small wines, sherrys, etc., 27 pieces (105-15)
Machine made Oriental room size rug, 7"11' x 10'5" (673-10)
Custom rosewood Regency style what-not, four tier, with lower drawer, 62”H 18”W x 18”D (133-17)
Colored lithograph "The Trial of Effie Deans", 14" x 23 " (35-7)
Two lady's pocket watches on Gruen in 14K gold both with gold filled chains along with a gold filled watch (81-20)
Beveled glass hanging mirror, 32" x 44" (673-11)
Modern three panel folding screen with tropical motifs, 84”H. (105-13)
Cathedral large size pickle jar, 14”H (562-12)
Two cameo pins in sterling with earrings along with a 14k gold pin and pen knife (81-23)
Waterford crystal decanter with other pair of crystal decanters, 9”H (562-13)
Two elaborately carved Victorian chairs, one arm chair, 56"H., with a side chair, 46”H. (105-14)
Waltham lady's watch along with silver jewelry (81-24)
Large covered Asian jar 19”H, with mark (44)
Country brides box, with old painted surface, 16”L x 6.5” (562-14)
Men's 10K gold stud set with Collins history and other small box (81-25)
Tiffany-style lily lamp, glass bell flower shades with bronze lily pad base, 24”H (133-44)
Set of 12 La Moque France pink and gilded dinner plates, 10.75”Dia. (105-16)
Walnut drop-center doll’s chest with mirror, 18.5”W x 31”H x 9”D (562-15)
Pair of mahogany four drawer Kittinger chests 38"W x 35"H x 21"D (35-2)
14K gold necklace and pendant set with a diamond and emerald, plus a small 14k gold chain all weighing 4.4 grams, along with a 10K bracelet weighing 2.3 grams (81-26)
"In House" pair of table lamps, 23"H. (673-12)
Set of 12 hand painted dinner plates, red and gilded border with floral center, 11”Dia. (105-17)
Three wooden signs including “Dump No Rubbish”, “Boats For Rent” and other, various sizes (562-17)
Victorian necklace (81-27)
Stencil decorated two-drawer work table with pull-out slide, 29”W x 30”H x 25”D(133-18)
Still life theorem painting on velvet, 17” x 20” (562-18)
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