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Old Fashioned Estate Auction, Featuring the Alan Thulander Estate Francestown NH

This sale features approx. 100 lots of vintage fireman's memorabilia, over 200 miniature lamps, good country accessories and a collection of antique and collectible firearms.

WHEN: Saturday, January 25 from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
(PREVIEW: Friday, January 24th noon to 6:00 pm & 8:30 am morning of the sale)

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To view all firearms please put the word "firearm" in the search bar -------- Firearm: Remington shotgun, 3200 deluxe, 12ga. serial #ou-23952, 7 barrel set and case (T-143) (1-55)
Three fire collectible nozzle gates-one rocker (23-2)
Chippendale country maple chest with two drawers over three drawers, molded top on bracket base, 39"W. x 42"H. x 11"D. (117-1)
Art glass double face shade on a pressed glass base- rare example (23-55)
Lot of three antique lace and silk wedding dresses (23-200)
Firearm: Colt revolver, Police Positive, 38 cal. serial # 19814 (T-139) (90-1)
Two fire wall boxes, 17"H. (23-11)
Flatware set, sterling and coin silver (117-9)
Set of blue Christmas lights (23-50)
Lot of dolls clothing, inc. period costumes, four boxes (23-204)
Firearm: Winchester shotgun, 37, 410ga. serial# NSN (S1) (T-98)(90-18)
Iron hose apparatus (23-4)
Tiger maple cabinet with two doors over three drawers, 31"H. x 38"W. x 11"D. (117-2)
Group of ten miniature lamps, clear and colored (23-51)
Antique dress form, including antique lace dress (23-205)
Samurai Japanese sword World War 2 (81-49)
Firearm: Colt revolver, New Frontier, .22 cal. serial # G206824 (T-141) (90-2)
Two brass fire nozzles "The Akron Brass Mfg. Co.", 30"L. (23-5)
Nine drawer spice cabinet, 12"H. x 10"W. (117-25)
Two art glass miniature lamps (23-54)
Five antique quilts and coverlets (23-206)
Firearm: American Arms shotgun, Silver 1, 20ga. serial# A62355 (S2) (T-99) (90-19)
Three fire hose reducers (23-3)
Figural maple two drawer stand on cabriole leg, 29"H. (117-3)
Group of twelve miniature lamps, clear and colored (23-52)
Two antique wicker doll prams (23-207)
Firearm: Colt revolver, Frontier Scout, .22 cal. serial # 125603F (T-140) (90-3)
Fire bucket "United Industrial Fire Co." with 19th C. date, 14"H. (23-6)
Country birdseye maple wash stand along with a flow blue bowl, 18" Dia., 35"H. (117-4)
Group of ten miniature lamps and some lamp accessories (23-53)
Large lot of antique white coverlets and throws (23-208)
Firearm: Baker shotgun, Batavia Leader, 20ga. serial# 3391F (S3) (T-87)(90-20)
Two brass nozzles, one "American La France", 22"L. and 34" (23-7)
Two interior water screens-fire related, 14" and 15"L. (23-8)
Pair of Staffordshire cow figures, 9"L. x 8"H. (117-7)
Chippendale pine slant lid desk (as found) with fitted interior, including fan carved prospect door, document drawers over two split top drawers over three long drawers on bracket base , 18"W. x 41"H. x 18"D. (117-5)
Three piece figural girandole set (23-102)
Lot of antique hats and hat making items, including doll hats (23-209)
Firearm: Ruger revolver, Vaquero-Bisley, .357 cal. serial # 58-11638 (T-134) (90-4)
Iron balance scale with weights (23-9)
Pair of shaped tin wall sconces, 19th C. or before, 13"H. (117-8)
Collection fire related memorabilia (23-159)
Child's size Chippendale pine slant lid desk with fitted interior, three drawers on bracket base, 24"W. x 29"L. x 14" (117-10)
Two 20th C. art glass vases, 9" and 13"H. (23-103)
Lot of antique gloves, stockings, fur stoles, shoes, etc. (23-210)
Firearm: Baker shotgun, Batavia Special, 16ga. serial# 160904 (S4) (T-88)(90-21)
Bell metal fire engine bell (23-10)
Collection of fireman badges and buttons (23-160)
Chippendale pine one drawer blanket chest on bracket base, 38"W. x 32"H. x 20"D. (117-11)
Three miniature art glass lamps, inc. fairy lamp, 4" and 9"H. (23-105)
18k Waltham gold pocket watch (360-834)
Large lot of antique fabric scraps, lace, beading, linens, silks, sewing supplies, etc. (23-211)
Firearm: Colt pistol, Huntsman, .22 cal. serial #044046S (T-128)(90-5)
Japanese WWII type 82 mortar round, from a rare Japanese knee mortar (inert) (81-51)
Iron fire hand crank (23-12)
Collection of fireman collectibles (23-161)
Modern maple lowboy, 30"H. x 36"W. x 16"D. (117-12)
Three miniature "Gone with the Wind" lamps, 10"H. (23-106)
Elgin gold pocket watch (360-835)
Two antique trunks filled with antique clothing, including corsets, furs, etc. (23-212)
Firearm:Baker shotgun, Batavia Leader, 12ga. serial# 4259F (S5) (T-100) (90-22)
Bronze fire house bell, 15"Dia. (23-13)
Fireman photos and postcards (23-162)
Chippendale blanket chest with two simulated over four real drawers-pine on bracket base, 48"H. x 42"W. x 18"D. (117-13)
Four art glass miniature lamps, 9" and 10"H. (23-107)
Country pine lift top commode, 32"H. x 28"W. x 16"D. (117-14)
1880 Liberty head ten dollar gold coin (360-836)
Two antique trunks filled with antique clothing, including velvet dressing gowns, etc. (23-213)
Firearm: Colt pistol, Woodsman Challenger, .22cal. serial# 49079C (T-129) (90-6)
7 dry fire extinguishers, various sizes (23-14)
Magic lantern with slides and original box (23-163)
Country pine canted sea chest with till, 16"H. x 44"W. x 16"D. (117-17)
Four art glass miniature lamps, 9.5"H. (23-108)
1910 Indian head ten dollar gold coin (360-837)
Country style harvest table in old color on turned legs (copy), 6'L. x 42"W. x 29"H. (44-973)
Firearm: Ithaca shotgun, 37 Feather Lite, 12ga. serial# 158359 (S6) (T-109)(90-23)
Two in house fire station bells, 10" and 12" dia. (23-15)
Glass fire extinguishers with labels (23-16)
Country four drawer chest on turned feet, 39"H. x 40"W. x 19"D. (117-18)
Firearm: Colt revolver, Diamondback .22 cal. serial# D96293T (T-138) (90-7)
Nine miniature lamps, 5" and 9"H. (23-109)
1897 Liberty head five dollar gold coin & a 1909 Indian head five dollar gold coin (360-838)
Antique red painted fireman call box (44)
Misc. fire accessories, including ambulance sign (23-17)
Five amber and green miniature lamps (23-110)
Fireman call box (44)
Firearm: Ithaca shotgun, 37 Feather Lite 12ga. serial# 711349-2 (S7) (T-111)(90-24)
Country tap table-coffee table size, 19"H. x 42"L. x 24"W. (117-19)
Ahrens-Fox forcible entry tool 61"L. (23-18)
Firearm: Ruger revolver, Single six, .22 cal. serial# 62-32448, convertible with .22mag cylinder (T-127)(90-8)
Seven clear glass miniature lamps (23-111)
Collection of 25 paddle locks (23-117)
Four ogee Empire clocks (23-124)
Firearm: Ithaca shotgun, 37 Deer Slayer, 20ga. serial# 371549037 (S8) (T-85) (90-25)
Chippendale maple dining table on fluted legs with swing leg support, 48"L. x 47"W. (117-20)
Three fire nozzles, 20"-24"L. (23-19)
Two pocket watches- gold filled Waltham Watch Co., along with silver pocket watch Abrecht and Co. (117-22)
Firearm: Iver-Johnson revolver, Safety Hammer, .38 cal. serial # 9157 (T-133)(90-9)
Fire hose with nozzle (23-21)
Four fire nozzles, 11"-36"L. (23-20)
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