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Fine Weds Evening Estate Auction featuring the Estate of Donald Hall, famed Poet Laureate and avid baseball fan

Antiques, good smalls, silver, jewelry, coins, art, books and more

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WHEN: Wednesday, May 8 from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM
(PREVIEW: Weds from 12-5:30pm)

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Five piece Sterling silver tea set, approx. 53.4 T. oz (44-375)
Glenwood kitchen range stove with book by Donald Hall "Lucy's Christmas" which pertains to the stove, 56"L. x 51"H. x 33 "D. (897-1)
Lot of sterling silver tableware and odd flatware, approx. 21 T. oz (44-376)
Two lithos: one of horses and one of a portrait of woman, by William Bailey, titled “For Donald Hall”, 10" x 8" (897-2)
Lot of sterling tableware inc. Tiffany, 11 pieces, approx. 30 T. oz (44-377)
Set of seven pencil signed lithos by George Schneeman screen prints titled "Seven Calendars", 12" x 7" (897-3)
Eight piece sterling silver lot, approx. 46.4 T. oz (44-378)
Pine one drawer table with gallery, 36"L. x 36"H. x 17"D. (6-1)
Paris review litho by Jane Freilicher, 38" x 30" (897-4)
Two Gorham sterling serving dishes, approx. 30.5 T. oz (44-379)
Pine settee with one drawer, 67"L. x 41"H. x 20"D. (6-3)
Woodcut print on paper, pencil signed and titled by Barry Moser, "Ecclesiastes”, inscribed “For Donald Hall, my dear friend and patient", 11.5" x 7" (897-5)
Pine farm dining room table, 8'L. x 41"W. x 31"H. (6-4)
Sterling silver compote, approx. 15 T. oz (44-380)
Colored lithograph by Henri Matisse, illustration from Ronsard’s “Love Poems”, 61.5" x 9.5" (897-6)
Group of sterling silver items, approx. 15.5 T. oz (44-381)
Set of eight Adirondack style dining chairs (6-5)
Oil on board of a lake and mountain scene, 5" x 8.5" (897-7)
Assorted lot of coin and sterling silver items inc. handled pcs. (44-382)
Three drawer green hall table, 62"L. x 18"D. x 32"H. (6-6)
Silver condiment or sugar with cobalt blue insert, approx. 11.5 T. oz weighable (44-383)
Lot of daguerreotypes and tin types (897-8)
Black desk chair (6-7)
Oil painting "Ossipee Mountain from Center Harbor" by Russell Smith 1848, with Vose Galleries label on reverse, 11.5" x 18" (897-9)
Pair of brown leather office chairs (6-8)
Box of silver hinged boxes, match safes, covered jars (44-384)
Litho of a Ram by Patrick A Oxenham, 11.5" x 15.5" (897-10)
Three pc. sterling dresser set (44-385)
Leather top hassock, 39"L. x 28"W. x 18"H. (6-9)
Pair of large Adirondack chairs (6-10)
Sterling silver flatware set, approx. 63 T. oz, excluding knives, service for 8 (44-386)
Decorative vase with pair of sterling weighted candlesticks, 8.5"H and 10" (897-11)
Adirondack couch, 84"W. x 42"D. x 35"H. (6-11)
Lot of three books, including: History of Hartford, VT History of U.S. 1823 Gazeteer of VT, Zadoch Thompson, with rare plates (186-1)
Artist’s proof litho, illustration for poem "Stories" by Donald Hall, pencil signed A. Mueller, 20" x 19.5" (897-12)
Wooden book box (191-138)
Pair of green stoneware lamps, 32"H. (6-12) (one shown)
Two artworks: "Another Christmas" poem by Donald Hall and litho by Robert Perkins (897-13)
Three sterling silver serving pieces. ladle and two spoons, approx. 11 T. oz (360-794)
Wicker and iron coffee table and a wicker end table with glass top (6-13)
Sangiune woodcut, "Odes D' Horace" by Aristide Maillol, 6" x 3.5" (897-14)
Lot of coin silver spoons, approx. 17 T. oz (360-795)
48" tall painted wooden Native American statue (6-14)
Paris Review colored litho on paper by Marisol Eccobar 1967, 31.5" x 24" (897-15)
Misc lot of sterling silver flatware, approx. 26 T. oz (360-796)
Large armoire, 88"H. x 44"W. x 25"D. (6-15)
Paris Review litho by Jim Dine, 38" x 25" (897-16)
Misc lot of sterling flatware, approx. 45 T. oz (360-797)
Hockey game table, 34"W. with handles 58"L. x 40"H. (6-16)
Paris Review cover/poster by George Ortman, 37.5" x 24.5" (897-17)
Misc lot of sterling handled pcs, (360-798)
Twin bed with nightstand (6-17)
Sanguine woodcut, "Odes D' Horace" by Aristide Maillol, 5" x 4" (897-18)
Birch rocker (6-19)
Colored litho "The Green Eiffel Tower" Marc Chagall, 7.5" x 8.5" (897-19)
Original litho "Portrait of Rimbaud" by Pablo Picasso, 11" x 9" (897-20)
Collection of eight albums of Nobel prize winner stamps (40-1)
Table scales with marble top case, initialed AH, 27"L. (435-5)
Five lithos by Eduardo Paolozzi,"Moonstrips" and "Moonstrips Empire News", 18" x 12" (897-21)
Brass/bronze Chinese horse sculpture, 14"L. (435-6)
Three jade pieces (carved) (461-68)
Two lithos "Drink Coca-Cola" and "Chaser Dirt" by George Schneeman, 4 .5" x 5" square (897-22)
Brass/bronze Chinese foo lion sculpture, 23"H. (435-7)
Tree bark cloisonne vase (461-72)
Oil and pencil on rag paper "Accused Embezzler" by Ralph Hamilton, 5.5" x 4.5" (897-23)
Sailor's telescope in brass bound box, 13.5"L box (435-8)
Carved Chinese elm low (Kang) table, 33.5"W. X 21"D. X 10"H. (461-99)
Glenwood parlor stove with book by Donald Hall mentioning the stove in book, 29.5" x 39"H. x 25"D. (897-29)
Gone-with-the-Wind lamp, 25.5"H. (435-9)
Art Deco sterling overlay porcelain figural centerpiece, nude female with flower frog at base, 10.5"H. (461-103)
Partial sterling silver flatware set, approx 68 T. oz of weighable silver (897-54)
Litho "In Overtime Series" Lou Gehrig by R. B. Kitag screenprint on paper,16.5" x 24" (897-24)
Two French crystal pieces, box and ashtray (461-127)
Chinese Oriental vase, 14"H. (895-1)
The Paris Review by Richard Anuszkiewicz, 39.5" x 25.5" (897-25)
Two miniature portraits, artist signed (461-137)
Carved wooden Oriental plaque/plate 11" square (895-2)
Paris Review 25th Anniversary, flowers by David Hockney, 34.5" x 25.5" (897-26)
Coalport of similar hand painted dessert set, six plates, two compotes (one as-is) (461-140)
19th C Japanese laquered jewelry cabinet, 14"H. x 11" x 7"D. (895-3)
Etching on paper "My Studio" by Herbert Odgen Waters, 6" x 8" (897-27)
19th C. porcelain platter with Chinese decoration (461-148)
Chinese soapstone sculpture of an Elder, 17"H. (895-4)
Paris Review cover by Nicholas Krushenick, 39.5" x 25.5" (897-28)
Charcoal portrait, signed Paul Sample (461-160)
Japanese umbrella holder, 23"H. (895-5)
Two Audubon prints "Trumpeter Swan" and "Key West Dove", 12.5" x 19" (897-31)
Paul Sample signed watercolor, farm scene (461-178)
Hand painted ewer along with an English pitcher, 9"H. and 13" (895-9)
Oriental framed silk screen 10" x 14" (895-7)
Seven Chinese plates 20th C., 9"D. (895-10)
Japanese framed silk scarf, 19" x 12" (895-8)
Partial sterling silver set in case, approx. 39 T. oz (895-13)
Religious icon in a shadow box (895-12)
Japanese scroll in wooden box (895-11)
Signed Steuben spiral bowl (479-3)
Paris Review cover by James Rosenquist, 29" square (897-32)
Watercolor, gentleman in living room, John Alonzo Williams, 10" x 8.5" (882-2)
Baseball cover "Casey at the Bat", 14" x 22" along with paint decorated Casey Stengel chair (897-34)
Contemporary painting by Hornback, 28" x 33.5" (897-33)
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