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Outstanding Single Owner Weds. Evening Auction

Featuring the Estate Collection of David Glynn, Bennington NH

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WHEN: Wednesday, July 11 from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM
(PREVIEW: Weds from 12-5pm)

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19th century country set-back two-part pine cupboard. Open top section with three small drawers. Lower section with two paneled doors, 47”W. x 91”H. x 21”D. (some restoration)(75-1)
Assorted German and Japanese china teapots, blue and white. Some 19th C. and some 20th C. (75-5)
Two Flow Blue china bowls, Scinde pattern, 6”Dia. (75-7)
16 piece Flow Blue lot including pitcher, 6”H Scinde pattern; two handless cups and saucers Scinde pattern; two plates, 7”Dia. Scinde pattern; two Flow Blue cups and saucers Scinde pattern; and five odd cups, no marks (75-10)
Flow Blue pitcher with lid Scinde pattern 6”H., along with Flow Blue small tureen with maker's mark, 7” (75-13)
Five piece Flow Blue lot including two plates: Scinde and Evans and Hill Concord 8”Dia.; serving bowl Scinde 11½”L; and two Scinde soups,10”Dia. (75-14)
Six piece Flow Blue lot including small bowl, no marks 5”Dia.; Flow Blue cup and saucer, Scinde; handless cup; small bowl, marked; and a 5”H. pitcher marked “Shanghae" (75-15)
Two Flow Blue vegetable serving dishes marked Scinde. 9 ½”L. (75-17)
Six pieces of Flow Blue including small Scinde serving dish 8½”; a small unmarked Flow Blue dish 5½”Dia.; a Flow Blue Formosa plate 9”; small Flow Blue platter 7½”; and two small Flow Blue Scinde plates 8”Dia., 9½”Dia. (75-18)
Small collection of china including a Daisy and Button glass shoe vase 6”L., various English china cups, no marks; two English cups and saucers, no marks, Masons china pitcher 4”H.; two small handless cups; Chinese Mud Man marked “China” 4”H. (75-19)
Set of “Shelledge” Syracuse china, service for 10 plus (75-21)
Collection of Flow Blue china including plates, creamers, cups and saucers, along with other misc. kitchen china (75-22)
Selection of pattern glass water tumblers along with other pattern glass items (75-23)
Seven Flow Blue plates and one bowl, various makers and sizes (75-24)
Assorted everyday kitchen glass including partial Adams china set, cobalt blue glass, pattern glass tumblers and water glasses (75-25)
Scinde Flow Blue foot bath with two handles, 18”L. (75-35)
Flow Blue covered jar, 10”H. (75-36)
Three piece Scinde Flow Blue lot, including teapot, pitcher and sugar with lid, 7”H. and 9”H. (75-38)
Five Flow Blue plates, Scinde. 8½” and 9”Dia. (75-40)
Flow Blue covered tureen with ladle and under-plate, Scinde, 8”L. (75-44)
Flow Blue covered vegetable dish with two handles, Scinde, 10”L. (75-45)
Flow Blue Scinde pitcher 7½”H., with a Flow Blue Scinde gravy dish with underplate, 9”L. (75-46)
Flow Blue Scinde serving dish. 12”L. (75-47)
Assorted lot of four Flow Blue Scinde plates, 7”Dia. and 8½”Dia. (75-49)
Flow Blue Scinde soup tureen with ladle and underplate, 13”L. (75-52)
Seven Flow Blue Scinde plates, 10 ½”D. (75-53)
Small Flow Blue soup tureen (unmarked), 7”L. (75-54)
Two Flow Blue creamers, 6”H., with a Scinde gravy dish, 8”L. (75-55)
Flow Blue Scinde soup tureen with ladle and underplate, 15”L. (75-56)
Flow Blue covered Scinde serving dish, 13”L. (75-59)
Flow Blue Scinde covered tureen with ladle and underplate, 8”L. (75-62)
Flow Blue Scinde covered vegetable dish, 12”L. (75-64)
Flow Blue Scinde compote, 12”L. (75-66)
Flow Blue Scinde covered vegetable serving dish, 10”Dia. (75-67)
Two Flow Blue Scinde pitchers, 10” and 12”H. (75-68)
Flow Blue Scinde teapot with age crack, 9”H., along with a Flow Blue sugar bowl, 8”H. (75-69)
Three Flow Blue Scinde soup dishes,10”Dia. (75-70)
Flow Blue Scinde platter, 18”L. (75-71)
39 Chinese carpet balls (75-73)
Two Flow Blue platters, one strawberry design and one floral design, 13½”L and 14”L. (75-74)
Collection of nine Flow Blue Scinde plates, 7½” and 8”Dia. (some age cracks) (75-75)
Flow Blue covered teapot and sugar (unmarked) 8” (75-76)
Flow Blue covered sugar bowl converted to a table lamp, 16”H. (75-77)
1950s-60s Zenith record player/radio combo in maple case, 40”L. (75-78)
Four piece Flow Blue Scinde tea set including coffee pot, teapot, sugar bowl and creamer, 12”H., 10”H., 8”H., 7”H. (75-106)
Flow Blue Scinde platter, 12½”L. (75-108)
Small Flow Blue Scinde platter, 13½”L. (75-109)
Flow Blue Scinde platter, 12”L. (75-110)
Flow Blue Scinde platter, 10”L. (75-111)
Flow Blue Scinde platter, 16”L. (75-119)
Flow Blue Scinde well and tree platter, 18”L. (75-120)
Flow Blue Scinde platter, 15”L. (75-121)
Flow Blue platter, mark illegible, 17”L. (75-122)
Flow Blue Scinde platter,11”L.; a Flow Blue platter Hong Kong 11”L; and a small Flow Blue Scinde platter, 7½" L. (75-124)
Flow Blue Scinde platter 10”L; one Flow Blue platter, 10½”L. (75-125)
Flow Blue Scinde platter, 14”L. (75-127)
Flow Blue platter “Hindustan”, Oriental design, 16”L. (75-128)
Flow Blue Scinde platter, 18”L. (75-131)
Flow Blue Scinde covered vegetable dish, 13”L. (75-135)
Collection of 17 Flow Blue plates including Scinde 7½”Dia., Manilla and other makers (75-141)
Braided runner, approx. 2’3” x 6’1” (75-144)
Machine made Oriental rug, busy pattern, approx. 8’2” x 10’11” (75-145)
Set of seven thumbtack chairs with decoration Including one odd arm chair with no decoration (copies) (75-147)
Eight pieces of reproduction stoneware, Bennington, NH. (various sizes) (75-150)
Flow Blue Formosa platter,16” (75-154)
Flow Blue unmarked platter, 15”L. (75-159)
Large Flow Blue unmarked soup tureen with ladle, 15”D. (75-162)
Flow Blue Scinde slop jar with lid. 15”H. (75-163)
Two Flow Blue condiment plates 9”D. Two Flow Blue English bone dishes 6½”; Flow Blue serving bowl 8”; English blue and white creamer 6”H; four Flow Blue Scinde sauce dishes 6”D. (75-178)
Collection of kitchen utensils including cookie mold, mixers, egg beaters, skimers, gem pans, measuring cups, etc. (75-189)
Oriental Heriz design scatter rug Approx. 2’4” x 3’11” (75-194)
Oriental scatter rug, medallion. Approx. 2’4” x 3’11” (75-195)
Oriental Bokhara scatter rug. Approx. 3’6” x 6’ (partially rolled) (75-196)
Rose Medallion platter. 15”L (75-218)
Modern maple harvest table with drop leaves, tapered legs. 5’L (75-224)
Collection of eight military medals including “WWII Freedom of Speech and Religion”, “Military Merit”, “National Defense”, “Purple Heart Military Merit” “Military Achievement”, “Military Conduct”, “For Civilian Service”, “Military Merit” (75-226)
Meissen Wedgwood covered tureen with under-plate and cover. 16”L (no ladle) (75-234)
Federal style picture mirror with reverse painted tablet. 28”H (75-244)
Jasperware Wedgwood covered cheese dish. 7½”H (75-245)
Flow Blue Scinde covered tureen with under-plate. 13”L (75-253)
Rose Medallion lamp with etched ball shade. 21”H (75-254)
Pine settle bench with some antique elements. Approx. 48” x 73” (75-265)
Small crazy quilt in walnut frame. 7” x 9 ½” (75-268)
19th century leather buggy seat with two iron wheels. 43”L (75-269)
Small hand wrought needlework sampler by Harriot Clarke 1821 in birdseye maple frame. 10” x 8" (75-272)
Reproduction oak circular china cabinet with glass shelves. 4’10”H (75-275)
Wedgwood Jasperware urn on teakwood stand. 9”H (75-277)
Shelf #1 of curio cabinet: Collection of approx. 26 pieces of Flow Blue china including cups and saucers, sugars and creamers. Some marked Scinde (75-279)
Shelf #2 of curio cabinet: Collection of Wedgwood Jasperware including pitchers, dolls, creamers, carved boxes. Approx. 28 pcs. (75-280)
Shelf #3 of curio cabinet: Scinde Flow Blue serving dish with under-­? plate. 14”L (75-281)
Shelf #3 of curio cabinet: Five pieces of flow Blue Scinde including tea caddy, creamer, covered cup, cup and saucer (75-282)
Bottom Shelf of curio cabinet: Collection of Wedgwood Jasperware, approx. 27 pieces, including covered vase, covered small boxes and ring tree, etc. (75-283)
Rose Medallion covered vegetable dish. 12”L (75-285)
Rose Medallion vase 10”H, Rose Medallion shaped serving dish 9 ½”L (75-287)
Multi-­?colored Oriental rug with medallions. Approx. 4’6” x 8’2” (area wear) (75-293)
19th century classical sofa, upholstered. 6’2”L (75-295)
Victorian rose and grape carved parlor chair with knuckle arms and cabriole feet (worn velvet upholstery); carved Victorian open arm chair, knuckle arms (also worn) (75-296)
Regina music box with newspaper articles and windmill picture scene under the cover. Single comb walnut wood. 12”L (75-297)
Box of memorabilia including JFK picture, Dionne Quintuplets, poster cards, etc. (75-298)
Japanese Satsuma table lamp. 32” (75-309)
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