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EXCITING MAY ESTATE AUCTION starting at 9:45 am sharp

At 9:45am-Silver, Jewelry, coins. Immediately following -choice antiques and collectibles, vintage musical instruments, military and great accessories sold at random or request

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WHEN: Friday, May 4 from 9:45 AM to 5:00 PM
(PREVIEW: Thurs 12-5 and Fri morning of the sale at 8:30am,)

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The first 100 lots will be sold in cataloged order, lots 101-550 will be sold in a random order-request are welcomed!

Steelcraft dump truck (69-1)

Federal full size canopy bed, Daniel Clay, Greenfield, MA 1800 (27-3)

Lot 1 

1901-S 5 dollar gold

Lot 2 

1903-S 5 dollar gold

Lot 3 

1955 & 1956 U.S. double mint sets

Lot 4 

Ten 1963 U.S. proof sets

Lot 5 

$32.45 face U.S. 90% silver

Lot 6 

1878-cc, 1890-cc and 1893 Morgan silver dollars

Lot 7 

(2) 1892 + (2) 1892-S Morgan silver dollars

Lot 8 

1894 Morgan silver dollar

Lot 9 

22 assorted Morgan silver dollars

Lot 10 

20 assorted Morgan silver dollars

Lot 11 

20 assorted Morgan silver dollars

Lot 12 

20 assorted Morgan silver dollars

Lot 13 

20 assorted Morgan dollars

Lot 14 

20 assorted Morgan silver dollars

Lot 15 

20 assorted Morgan silver dollars

Lot 16 

20 assorted Morgan silver dollars

Lot 17 

Assorted lot U.S. & foreign coins and tokens

Lot 18 

1909 five dollar gold coin

Lot 19 

1900 five dollar gold coin

Lot 20 

1856 $2.5 dollar gold coin

Lot 21 

1908 $2.5 dollar gold coin

Lot 22 

Seven ornate sterling serving flatware items; fish knife, cheese, etc., approx. 12.5 T. oz

Lot 23 

Crighton Bros. 8"D. sterling bowl with a 5" Revere bowl, approx. 23 T. oz

Lot 24 

Eight pieces of silver flatware, serving spoons, approx. 24 T. oz

Lot 25 

14k gold pin with 6 diamonds

Lot 26 

Three square sterling frames/heart/cap-sterling

Lot 27 

14K gold ring set with diamonds, size 4.5

Lot 28 

Dunhill sterling lighter

Lot 29 

Five pieces sterling jewelry, Taxco and Southwest

Lot 30 

Lot of assorted sterling teaspoons, including one iced tea and one demitasse, makers include Wallace, Alvin, Gorham and others, eleven pieces total, approx. 6.43 T.oz

Lot 31 

14K gold ring set with diamonds and sapphire, size 6.25

Lot 32 

Twelve English silver spoons with three serving spoons, approx. 23 T. oz

Lot 33 

Lot of three gold cameo pins

Lot 34 

14k gold lighter and cigar cutter

Lot 35 

Three misc. yellow gold chains

Lot 36 

Three piece sterling silver tea set, marked made in Sheffield England, 7.5"H. teapot, approx. 31 T. oz

Lot 37 

Carved opal and 14k gold pin

Lot 38 

14k gold pencil

Lot 39 

Two gold bar pins

Lot 40 

Lot of eight assorted sterling teaspoons, inc. Towle, S.Kirk and other makers, approx. 5.85 T.oz, eight pieces

Lot 41 

Sterling silver demitasse set, includes seven pierced cup holders, two solid, eight Lenox liners, eight s/s saucers, eleven assorted s/s spoons

Lot 42 

Eight sterling shell fish forks, approx. 4 T. oz

Lot 43 

Fisher sterling plate

Lot 44 

Set of five Wallace-Watson sterling teaspoons along with two other and one souvenir spoon, approx. 5.33 T. oz, eight pieces

Lot 45 

Five assorted 14k gold rings

Lot 46 

Assorted lot of sterling, candle holders, etc., approx. 11.5 T. oz

Lot 47 

Nice Edwardian seed pearl roped neck chain

Lot 48 

Mid-Century style Fisher sterling creamer and sugar, approx. 5.75 T.oz

Lot 49 

G.W. Russel sterling watch

Lot 50 

Set of eight Gorham-Whiting "Violet" teaspoons, approx. 5.3 T. oz, 8 pieces

Lot 52 

Set of twelve sterling demitasse spoons, approx. 4 T. oz

Lot 53 

Ten horse pins and jewelry, some gold

Lot 54 

Set of seven Wallace sterling teaspoons "Violet" with one other, approx. 5.2 T. oz, eight pieces

Lot 55 

Chinese bangle bracelet, bone/ivory necklace/beads, porcelain pin Chinese

Lot 56 

Four silver serving spoons, Gorham/Fletcher, approx. 9.5 T. oz

Lot 57 

Sterling silver cuff bracelet along with s/s bird pin, stamped Mexico, two pieces

Lot 58 

Set of six sterling teaspoons with two other, floral design, approx. 5.43 T.oz, eight pieces

Lot 59 

Sterling silver "XO" design bracelet, stamped Italy, 7.5"L. x 1/2"W.

Lot 60 

Sterling flask and compact, approx. 7.5 T. oz

Lot 61 

Two ladies wrist watches, 18k and 14k (bands not gold)

Lot 62 

Lot of sterling flatware, twelve pieces, forks and spoons with eight pieces of coin silver flatware, approx. 20 T. oz

Lot 63 

14k and gray star sapphire ring

Lot 64 

Silver creamer and two sugars and bowl, approx. 17.5 T. oz

Lot 65 

Jade and amethyst necklace

Lot 66 

Sterling cup and two plates and bowl, approx. 20.5 T. oz

Lot 67 

Two sterling bracelets and chatelaine

Lot 68 

14k gold and diamond ring

Lot 69 

Lot of sterling jewelry

Lot 70 

14k gold and diamond ring

Lot 71 

Lot of stick pins

Lot 72 

14k gold and diamond ring

Lot 73 

Asian sterling cuff bracelet

Lot 74 

14k gold and diamond bracelet

Lot 75 

10k Victorian pin and ring, garnet

Lot 76 

Pair of diamond stud earrings

Lot 77 

26 pieces of Dominick and Haff sterling flatware items and one Gorham sterling tea strainer

Lot 78 

Amethyst and diamond ring in gold

Lot 79 

Green jewelry box with some gold

Lot 80 

Cuff links and Masonic charm

Lot 81 

16 assorted demitasse spoons, silver, approx. 5.25 T. oz

Lot 82 

Set of twelve sterling demitasse with box, approx. 4.25 T. oz

Lot 83 

Assorted souvenir spoons, twelve pieces, approx. 4 T. oz

Lot 84 

Silver tongs, English, tea strainer silver, caddy spoon, approx. 2.5 T. oz

Lot 85 

13 silver souvenir spoons, approx. 4 T. oz

Lot 86 

Lot of sterling dresser articles, hair comb, small bottles and compacts, salt shakers, etc.

Lot 87 

Three English silver cups

Lot 88 

Sterling Revere bowl, approx. 13.25 Toz.

Lot 89 

Two U.S. Mint coin sets

Lot 90 

Ornate grape tongs and tea strainer along with Six ash trays, s/p

Lot 91 

Tea set with a gravy boat

Lot 92 

Ornate silver bowl with ruby red insert

Lot 93 

Four matching sterling butter knives and three others

Lot 94 

Ornate sterling bowl, approx. 7 Toz.

Lot 95 

Ornate silver frame and mirror

Lot 96 

English silver ladle, baleen handle

Lot 97 

Three sterling pieces, compote, bowl, etc. (66-13)

Lot 98 

Sterling flatware, heirloom "Lasting Spring", extensive

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