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Date Change - Estate Auction Country Antiques, Military, Books and Ephemera, Bottles and More!

Part 3 (attic and barn related) of the John Page Estate Haverhill NH

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WHEN: Friday, March 16 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

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Please join us for the final contents of the John Page estate, Haverhill NH. This 10 bedroom Federal with over 8000 square feet, a large attic and garage is a never ending supply of neat antiques, many items not illustrated below so please attend.

19th C. spread eagle weathervane (417-4)

*Items to be sold separately* 3rd floor bedroom Page house and 18th C. maple serpentine top candlestand (96-1) Sheraton four drawer chest, found by John Page - old Haverhill family (96-2) Large four blade fan - working (96-3) Small three blade fan - working (96-4) Sheraton gilt and white painted fancy chair (96-5)

Antique drum (105-2)

Brass double branch antique student lamp with shades (one cracked) (417-2)

*Items to be sold separately* Pair of gilt and painted classical sabre leg chairs (96-6) Octagonal top Queen Anne cherry candlestand ca.1800 (96-7) Antique treenware bowl with decoration (96-8) Two Chinese canton jars (19th C.) (96-9)

Norris North pillar and scroll clock (105-3)

Large demi-John bottle converted to lamp with shade (413-3)

*Items to be sold separately* Medial stretcher base 18th C. tavern table (96-10) Shape top Queen Anne candlestand, 18th C. (96-11)

Early bottle lot including onion form blown example along with other blown example and two others, five pieces (477-3)

*Items to be sold separately* Three piece marble base girandole set (96-12) Opaque vases with blue trim (96-13)

Oil on canvas, still life with peaches, signed E. Thomas, Feb. 1911, 10" x 12" (105-5)

Two "Tippecanoe" bitters bottles (477-4)

Sketch of Don Quixote (96-14)

Photographic hand colored print of MT Ascutney by Sawyer, 12" x 23" (105-6)

Bottle lot including two case gin pepper sauce and flasks, seven pieces (477-5)

Pair of antique coach lanterns (96-15)

Primitive painting of lake scene in the White Mountaisn, oil on board, 17" x 10" (105-7)

Grouping of six demi-John bottles (477-6)

Antique red painted wood wheel barrel (96-16)

Oil on canvas, lined, girl and horse, unsigned, 24" x 18" (105-8)

Good assortment of 14 medicine bottles, including Warner's kidney & liver cure (with label) Dr. Langley's, etc. (477-7)

Barrel full of early iron including hinges/ latches and more (96-17)

Oil on board, countryside, signed T. Eyre Macklin 1924, 15" x 20" (105-9)

Assorted bottle lot with alcohol, water, tonic, ten pieces (477-8)

Barn lantern & coach lamp (96-18)

Currier & Ives print, " Brook Trout - Just Caught" 11" x 16.5" (105-10)

Assorted lot of alcohol bottles, schnapps and others, nine pieces (477-9)

Long goose neck watering can (96-19)

Pair of small ship paintings behind glass signed Max Parsons, 11" x 14" (105-11)

Bottle lot including pickle, alcohol, cobalt, apothecary examples, eight pieces (477-10)

Adorable antique parlor stove (96-20)

Currier & Ives print, "Clipper Ship 'Great Republic'" 9.5" x 13.5" (192-525)

*Items to be sold separately* 19th C. country small size corner cupboard (96-21) Two early pewter lighting devices (96-22)

Oil on board, Portrait of Setter, hunting dog, signed Edm. H. Osthaus (Edmund H. Osthaus) 6.5" x 8" (192-526)

Old lot to be sold in groups (96)

Oil on canvas board, mountain lake landscape, signed D. Hicks, 10.5" x 13.5" (694-64)

Early engraving "To his Royal Highnels - William Duke of Cumberland" by T. Major (96-23)

"Morning, Tomales Bay near Inverness, California" Aug. 8 1920" signed Harry Pratt, 12" x 18" (694-66)

German WWI officer dress sword with fob (670-63)

Oil on canvas, "Winter Bloom" by Tim Saska, dated Sept. 1979, 48" x 36" (105-12)

Watercolor country road with covered bridge (96-24)

WWI Japanese dress sword with fob (670-64)

Primitive oil on canvas, pasture scene, signed L.A. Hungerford, 20.5" x 28.5" (105-13)

Antique oil on board, still life of fruit (96-25)

US 1840 Calvery sword (670-65)

Detailed oil of duck decoy, signed Alemand Simmons, 15" x 26" (105-14)

Country Sheraton one drawer stand (96-26)

Oil on canvas, puppies playing with a fly (96-27)

19th US Marines dress sword, owned by B.B. Miller (670-66)

Antique wooden cobbler's sign in boot form, 28.5"H., toe repaired with leather and metal hinges (105-15)

Oil portrait, profile of a horse, signed (96-28)

Lithograph by Leon Danchin, Mallards, numbered 327/500, 15" x 19" (105-16)

*Items to be sold separately* Two antique Windsor chairs (96-29) Country Federal cherry basin stand (96-30) Wash bowl & pitcher (96-31) Two early buckets (96-32)

French watercolor, Franco-Russian officer, Kauffman (670-61)

*Items to be sold separately* Child's size maple Lincoln rocker (96-33) Stencil decorated Sheraton wash stand (96-34)

19th C. English engraving, pencil signed S. Hollyer (96-35)

Single shot shotgun, made by Forehand Arms, Worcester, MA. (437-1)

Early document boxes and Pembroke table in original finish

Ulster County Gazette newspaper front page, Saturday, Jan. 4, 1800 (105-17)

Country Sheraton transitional secretary, located upstairs back hall

Double barrel shotgun, exposed hammer, unknown maker (437-2)

Pastel, landscape likely the Haverhill NH are, per John Page

Oil on board by Henry MacGinnis, "Margaree Harbour, Lone Island", 12" x 16" (105-18)

Double barrel shotgun, cap and ball, London, W. Moore (437-3)

Oil on canvas board, "Portrait of Yenna Wah 1930" by Henry MacGinnis, 16" x 12" (105-19)

European school oil painting, illedgibly signed

Box of handmade cloth dolls, seven, one china doll (437-4)

Winona dairy King Square trough (105-73)

Etching by Alice Standish Buell

Metal sign:"Vermont Information Ahead" (437-5)

One of 2 oils by Wilder, Woodstcok VT artist

18th C. courting mirror (105-72)

Primitive oil on wood board, Info on reverse (96-71)

Various groups of old porcelind to be sold in groups lots.

Antique dovetailed spice box (105-71)

Framed print Dartmouth College 1803 (437-8)

19th C. watercolor 2 children in landscape

Good painted antique duck decoy (105-70)

Small size wing back settee

Antique small size Jewel oak icebox (105-69)

Glass door top secretary (96-58)

Early wire and brass fire place fender (105-68)

Odds and end from the mantle, ask about anything you see?

Selection of early goose necks and andirons (105-67)

Clean upholstered wing chair with footstool.

Pilgrim style three legged carved oak chairs, in the manner of Wallace Nutting (105-66)

Bronze sundial other country from the Page home

Antique barber's pole, 5'H. (105-65)

18th New England journal

Antique National barber shop size cash register (105-64)

Toleware bread try in old paint Early brass light lighting

Kitchen stools and an antique child's high chair

Antique tool bench with drawers on both sides (105-63)

18th C. NE Spanish foot chair (105-62)

19th C. framed engraving

18th c. painted hanging corner cupboard (105-61)

Eli Terry pillar and scroll clock (105-60)

Antique barrel with lid, many eglomise mirrors throughout the house

Soviet Russian poster, WWII themed, 42" x 23" (105-59)

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