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Exceptional Thanksgiving Holiday Auction- Fine Americana - Art - Silver - coins- Jewelry - important Native American

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WHEN: Saturday, November 25 from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
(PREVIEW: Fri Nov 24th from 12-5pm or by appointment)

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Lot 1 

19th C. Shaker small swing handle pail with diamond hardware with an oval finger box with old color, 6"L.

Lot 2 

19th C. oval Shaker carrier with lid, old color, 12"L.

Lot 3 

Oil on canvas, primitive, winter sleigh scene, 16" x 21"

Lot 4 

Good 19th C. Folk Art carved and painted figure of Uncle Sam (great paint), 8"H.

Lot 5 

Pair of mid 19th C. Shaker three slat ladder back chairs, old mustard color, Harvard Community. Prov. The Egan Collection.

Lot 6 

19th C. oval Shaker finger box with old paint, 14"L.

Lot 7 

Child size corner cupboard in blue/green paint, c.1890-1910 30"H. x 20"W.

Lot 7R 

Two antique Bag Face Oriental mats, 1'10" x 2'2" and 1'10" x 2' (24,30)

Lot 8 

Shaker child's arm rocker "O", Mt Lebanon NY, old finish, original seat, with label.

Lot 9 

Framed oil on canvas, Vt. figures on the shore of lake, mountains, 10" x 23"

Lot 10 

Shaker single door cupboard in salmon color, used in the infirmary Hancock, ca.1820-1840, 42"L.x 45"H.

Lot 11 

19th C. green painted wood candle lantern, 14"H.

Lot 12 

Sailboat weathervane copper with verdigris surface,a Hudson River Sloop, found in Walker Valley NY 36"L. x 28"H.

Lot 13 

Choice Shaker wood box with accessories, dovetailed construction, old color, interior with kindling till, 27"w. x 24"h. Prov. purchased from the Dr. and Mrs Edward Andrews estate in 1984, as seen illustrated in "Family Circle" magazine 1964 issue

Lot 14 

The Amy Bess- 19th C. Shaker child's rocker "O", old color, Mt Lebanon NY with label

Lot 15 

Early 19th C. hutch table, New England, red paint, (52" x 59" top) 29"H.

Lot 16 

Very unique 19th C. carved swan figure painted head with an articulating neck, 6"L. x 6"H.

Lot 17R 

Fine antique Persian rug, Tree of Life, 4'7" x 6'4"

Lot 17 

Two Hepplewhite one drawer stands, cherry with inlaid top and mahogany with molded edge top, ca.1800-1820

Lot 18 

19th c. oil painting still life fruits "A. Synder", 14" x 20"

Lot 19 

Antique lightning rod with early auto motif and blue glass ball

Lot 20 

19th c. Shaker floor cupboard over five drawers, pine with walnut pulls, drawers with traces of old color, purchased in 1975 at Caropresso auction, 33"W. x 72"H.

Lot 21 

19th C. Shaker child's armchair "1" tape seat, old color

Lot 22 

Nesting group of three early Shaker finger boxes in red and mustard paint, 5 - 25" smallest to 7.75" largest

Lot 23 

Oil on canvas, kittens playtime, signed, 17" x 25"

Lot 24 

Fine 19th C. Shaker table top desk, butternut with finely dovetailed construction, bottom of drawer inscribed "Shaker From Hancock Shakers", 18.5"W. x 13"D. x 5"H.

Lot 25 

18th C. New England two drawer blanket chest in old red paint, 39"W. x 40"H.

Lot 26 

Oil on canvas, Autumn still life corn and wheelbarrow, 18" x 24, with original frame

Lot 27 

19th C. Shaker, Mt. Lebanon revolving chair, pine and maple, old varnish, 29"H.

Lot 28 

Marine painting of sailing ship with guns, signed reverse "J", 16" x 20"

Lot 29 

19th C. Shaker child's size wheel barrow in old blue paint, 14"H. x 44"L., for a similar example see Shaker design by June Sprigg page 153

Lot 30 

Good PA. paint decorated dower chest, polychrome painted "Barbara Shank 1808", old brass, 32"H. x 50"W.

Lot 31 

Oil on canvas, shoreline signed M.F. DeHaas, 12" x 19"

Lot 32 

Antique boat model, 10 Gun Brig Boxer with blue print, launched Nov. 22, 1831 at Charlestown Navy Yard, 33"L.

Lot 33 

19th C. walnut ship captains chest with great becket handles with history on label at end, 16" x 43"L.

Lot 34 

Oil on canvas, winter scene signed H. Geyer, 24" x 14"

Lot 35 

Unusual 18th C. PA. press cupboard in two-parts, with power chest base, traces of old paint, 93"H. x 62"W. x 25"D.

Lot 36 

Three 19th C. nesting Shaker finger boxes, 6.25"L. to 12"L. with a 7"H. Shaker piggin

Lot 37 

19th C, Shaker wash stand in red stain

Lot 37R 

Antique Turkish Prayer rug, 4'2" x 4'9"

Lot 38 

Child's size early 19th C. Windsor chair 26"H. with an 18th C. Windsor footstool, old color

Lot 39 

Antique Folk Art carved and painted figure of a British Admiral with sword holding a spy glass, 12"H.

Lot 40 

Chippendale walnut chest on frame, Southern, old finish and brass, 58"H. x 37" top width

Lot 41 

Folk Art wall rack, paint decorated, once used for combs, 26"H.

Lot 42 

19th C. Shaker cast iron stove Mount Lebanon NY community, 33"L. x 19"H. x 13"W.

Lot 43 

Three early 19th C. hollow cut and hand colored silhouettes, some with history, with a miniature painting of a gentleman, four pieces total

Lot 44 

Lapped firkin in old blue paint #25 on bottom with a open top blue lapped bucket, 9"H.

Lot 45 

Early 19th C. cherry/curly maple one drawer blanket chest, 32"H. x 43"W.

Lot 46 

Oil on canvas, Autumn scene ducks on a pond signed Pamela Fox, 18" x 24"

Lot 47 

19th C. Barber's pole in original red, white and blue paint, 85"H.

Lot 47R 

19th C. Persian rug, Kerman, 8'7" x 13'4"

Lot 48 

19th C. stoneware ovoid jug, blue flower 14"H. with a 13"H. crock with flower

Lot 49 

Antique buttock basket in blue paint, 13"L. x 12"H.

Lot 50 

Federal MA. inlaid mahogany Sheraton chest with reeded post and unique fluted legs, ca.1810, 40" x 40"W.

Lot 51 

Navajo Germantown rug, ca.1890-1900, 44" x 74"

Lot 52 

Two Shaker rockers, MT Lebanon, #1 armchair and side chair, marked on inside rocker

Lot 53 

Inuit stone carved sculpture Dancing Bear,on wood stand, 21"H.

Lot 54 

Unusual iron andirons with horse motif

Lot 55 

Exceptional late 19th C. North West carved and painted totem pole, found in the attic of a Hudson River area home, 66.5"H.

Lot 56 

Navajo weaving black and tans ca.1920's, Jean Lipman collection, 47" x 78"

Lot 57R 

Antique Caucasian Oriental rug, 4'1" x 6'8"

Lot 57 

19th C. cherry Shaker (Midwest) one drawer stand

Lot 58 

Three Inuit stone carvings 8.5"H. example mother and child signed Samson Kingalik, other 7.5"H. date 1972, along with a 7" walrus stone carving with bien tusks

Lot 59 

Oil on canvas, southwest dessert scene signed, 25" x 30"

Lot 60 

Good Chippendale bow front four drawer chest, old brass, ca.1780, 33"H. x 35.5"W.

Lot 61 

Navajo weaving, Ganada area, red, brown and gray, 51" x 75"

Lot 62 

Fine Federal inlaid mahogany card table, with bell flower and conch shell inlays, 28"H. x 33.5"W.

Lot 63 

Exceptional large dough bowl, Historic period 1880- Santo Domingo, 10"H. x 17"D.

Lot 64 

Navajo child's wearing blanket with indigo, ca.1880's, 31" x 48"

Lot 65 

Federal MA. mahogany inlaid cylinder roll secretary with bookcase top, ca.1810, 80"H. x 40"W.

Lot 66 

Model 1865 Spencer rifle (carbine) ca.1860

Lot 67R 

Antique Oriental room size Heriz rug, 8'8" x 10'7"

Lot 67 

Good 19th C. blanket box with original mustard and salmon paint, 25"H x 38"L.

Lot 68 

Hopi pottery seed jar 1930's, 6"H. x 10"D.

Lot 69 

Large two Gray Hills area Navajo weaving, 72" x 118"

Lot 70 

Chippendale cherry two-part linen press, arched panel doors, ca.1780, 80"H. x 47"W.

Lot 71 

Watercolor, “Grouse in New Hampshire”, signed A. Lassell Ripley, Vose Galleries label, 19.5" x 29.5"

Lot 72 

19th C. American writing box with intricate inlays, 18"L.

Lot 73 

Two Shaker slat back side chairs, large example in curly maple with tilters 38"H. other 31"H. old varnish

Lot 74 

Navajo weaving, 3rd phase, ca.1890, 57" x 69"

Lot 75 

Federal cherry and birdseye maple chest, carved posts and leaf, 43"W.x 96"H.-top back splash, likely made in VT, c. 1830

Lot 76 

Two framed Inuit stone cuts, by Henri Napartuk

Lot 77 

Early 19th C. country Federal Hepplewhite lolling chair in old red

Lot 77R 

Good antique Oriental rug, navy blue field, brick red edges, signed 4'3" x 7'

Lot 78 

Santa Clara Black Olla Historic, ca.1890, 11" x 11"

Lot 79 

Navajo early 20th C. block pattern weaving, 53" x 82"

Lot 80 

Federal mahogany reeded leg sideboard with backsplash, MA. ca.1820, 43"H. x 614"L.

Lot 81 

Two early flint lock long guns (4&5)

Lot 82 

Fine Portsmouth area Federal inlaid card table, ca.1810, 37"L. x 29"H.

Lot 83 

Fine Federal Portsmouth, NH figured birch two drawer stand

Lot 84 

Early 19th C. Boston lyre form banjo clock carved mahogany case, Federal shield table dial signed Sawin, 39"H.

Lot 85 

Choice 18th C. MA. Queen Anne walnut and walnut veneer dressing table with old brass, 32.5"W.

Lot 86 

Marine painting four mast sailing ship, 23" x 34"

Lot 87 

Two Shaker rockers, MT Lebanon #3 armchair old stain, three slat Shaker side chair maple with old finish

Lot 87R 

Antique Oriental rug, Heriz, 8'1" x 11'

Lot 88 

19th C. watch makers trade sign J Kent & Son's Lee MA, old paint with iron hook, 33"H. x 24"W.

Lot 89 

Oil on canvas, train station 20th C., 22" x 36"

Lot 90 

18th C. Queen Anne walnut bonnet top highboy, nice size, MA. origin, 75"H. x 35.5" upper case width

Lot 91 

1970 Mercedes 280 SE four door sedan, automatic trans., approx. 70K original miles, with extensive records

Lot 92 

Fine Chippendale walnut Pembroke table with pierced cross stretchers and fire gilt brass, yellow pine secondary, c. 1780-1800, 29"H. x 28"L.

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