Featuring Antique and Collectible Firearms, Ammo, Military, Swords, Taxidermy and more.
Auction: Wednesday, January 25 at 10:00 AM at 5:00 PM

Jan 23rd and 24th from 12-5pm, and 8:30 am morning of the sale. Earlier preview by appointment. 

WHERE: W. A. Smith's Auction Gallery, Plainfield, NH

Approx. 300 lots of antique and sporting firearms, plus ammo from local estates and collections, along with military related found in a local attic including swords and knives, along with duck decoys and taxidermy from a Dorset VT collection and much more.

This exciting live auction features items for the outdoor sportsman, including antique, vintage, and modern firearms, long rifles, shotguns and handguns, military and swords, collections of ammo, collection of decoys, moose and wolf taxidermy, and much more. William Smith Auctions DOES NOT warranty the safety of any article it sells. Therefore, before you use any firearm, it is imperative that you have it examined by a qualified gunsmith to determine its safety. Ammunition WILL NOT be mailed, shipped, or delivered. ***Background Checks (NICS) Required for all modern firearms unless FFL or C&R exempt. ***Out of state buyers must ship to an FFL in your state. ***Please DO NOT bid if you will/may not pass a background check (see ATF form 4473)

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